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Artizen is the largest marketplace for artist grants. Our newsletter shares articles, best practices, and business advice to help artists gain their financial freedom. Whether you’re a filmmaker, painter, game developer, writer, XR creator, or musician, being an artist is crazy hard. Get the resources you need to quit your straight job and make a living from your art.

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This newsletter is for artists and their fans, friends, and supporters. And when we say “artists” we mean writers, painters, dancers, choreographers, sculptors, filmmakers, illustrators, woodworkers, architects, designers, typographers, photographers, animators, directors, producers, actors, musicians, composers, fashion designers, chefs, game developers, creative coders, journalists, hackers, podcasters, storytellers, XR creators, playwrights, comedians, novelists, and anyone else who reveals emotional truths about the human experience.

About Artizen

Artizen makes it easy for anyone to create artist grants that are funded and curated by your community. Thanks to our unique crowdfunding model, we give you the freedom to craft and control your grant while empowering your community to fund and curate the awards. By pooling resources with other creators, patrons, and industry leaders you amplify your impact and provide more sustainable support for the artists you love.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Artizen is an open source platform run by the members of our global community. Our mission is to radically expand support for artists who impact culture.

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