Pitch Your Art to Investors

How to pitch your creative projects to potential funders

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How do you pitch your creative projects to investors?

In order to build support and raise money for your work you must learn how to pitch your project to potential funders. Over the past twenty years I’ve created, reviewed, and watched thousands of project pitches. What follows are some of the high-level guidelines and best practices I’ve developed to help artists create successful pitch decks and presentations.

For a more detailed information, please read Artizen’s pitch deck and presentation guidelines. I also suggest you watch some example presentations from past events like DevLab, the Virtual Noise Showcase, or the Femme Futures Showcase. Finally, click here to see example pitch decks from projects I’ve executive produced.

Keep your pitch short. Five minutes or less and no more than ten slides. Brevity forces clarity.

Tell a story. Humans are hardwired for stories, so make your pitch an epic. Build to a climax, deliver a twist, and end with a satisfying resolution.

Use big, bold images with minimal text. Let your visuals speak for you. Merge copy and design.

Avoid jargon. Don’t hide behind buzzwords or academic gibberish. Be direct. Be obvious.

Give it to us straight. Clearly describe your project in concrete terms. What is it? What’s it about? What’s the medium, format, or genre? And how will audiences experience the finished work?

Reveal your secret sauce. What makes your project special? What new ground are you breaking? Why does this story need to be told? And why are you the best person to tell it?

Share your progress. How far along is your project? What milestones have you reached? Do you have a script, prototype, or demo? Highlight impressive talent, partners, or IP attached.

Hype your team. How does your experience and expertise make you ideally suited to create this project? Highlight past successes.

Ask for what you need. What’s your budget? How much money have you raised? How much money do you still need? What else do you need?

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